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  • New Full-automatic Fundus Camera

Model :

AI intelligent recognition: it can cope with limitation of eye anterior segment conditions, low degree of cooperation, etc. within several milliseconds, thereby significantly improving the success rate of shooting;

-- AI intelligent simulation: when the automatic operation is abnormal, the device simulates manual operation by itself and does not need to return to the original state completely;

-- Break through face-to-face examination mode; the camera can be manipulated in different directions so that the operator can assist the patient for cooperation in the whole process;

-- Touch screen one-figure control; it can be easily used by non-professional operators, who can take photos successfully;

-- The operator can enter the system randomly by manual operation, who can switch by one key, thereby handle various emergencies easily;

-- Intelligent panoramic focusing is adopted for breaking through the limitation of traditional  finder frame focusing mode;

-- Automatic ocular surface/fundus switching, automatic exposure and automatic imaging; 

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