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  • ‘Classic’ Series Brand-New Style Slit Lamp

Model :

‘Classic’ seriesJing refers to five meridians; Dian refers to document system before Spring and Autumn Period. Classic: it is synonym for model, authority, masterpiece and industry essence.

Classic series adopts precise overall fabrication process and meticulous details processing. Its optical, lighting or mechanical performance can be equal to the quality of master slit lamp. ‘Classic’ works can be matched. 

Brand-new style and higher quality

◆ Excellent Swiss optical quality is adopted, high-pass light path design ensures high definition and excellent detail display ability.

◆  LED light source provides bright and uniform slit light for obtaining more details during observation.

◆ Ingenious gravity center design and mobile mechanism are adopted, the platform operation is more important, and it can be positioned without deviation. 

◆ Mottled gray and deep black are clear, thick mechanical sense is precise, stable and reliable.

---- The crack blade is sharp with no resistance on adjustment, all parts of the light belt has consistent width without difference.

---- High eye-point eyepiece is 21.5mm, thereby achieving comfortable observation without dizziness. Glasses wearers can use the lens without removing the glasses. 

---- Five-speed rotary drum multiplying power switching is available, thereby the operation is easy and smooth, which can be used conveniently. 

---- 14mm large spot is suitable for lighting needs of larger lesion scope examination.

---- A variety of filter combinations can be used for observing different effects of corneal staining, and the lesions can be observed more comprehensively.

---- Standard interface for image digitization is reserved, which can be upgraded to digital slit lamp, thereby meeting the development needs of remote consultation.   

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